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Banquet hall / Banquet hall

Banquet hall

The beautiful banquet hall at Nauthˇll is the ideal setting for banquets and events

The beautiful banquet hall at Nauthóll is the ideal setting for banquets and events. such as weddings, confirmations , corporate celebrations and birthday parties. Located at the foot of Öskjuhlíð, the hall has an ocean veiw beyond compare. Our élite team of chefs and waiters make certain that your event will be unforgettable!

The banquet hall seats 110 people, and up to 250 people for a standing cocktail party. The hall is very well equipped including high quality sound system, rostrum, video projector and adjustable lighting.

Our hall is suitable for conference and meetings, large and small. We offer flip chart easel and provide writing pads and pens.

We're happy to advice you on food and drink as well as other matters concerning your event.  

Please contact us via email, nautholl@nautholl.is or phone (+354) 599 6660. Further information can also be found online www.nautholl.is

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