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Bistro / Brunch


On Weekends Nauthˇll offers a tempting brunch dish. Our chefs have carefully selected the ingredients of the dish to make sure everything is of highest quality and as delicious as it looks.

Brunch celebrates various foods, although most can agree on eggs, bacon, and pancakes with maple syrup being indispensable. 

The prize for this delicious meal is 3.150 kr. and 1.550 kr. for kids-size brunch.

The brunch dish contains leavened bread, serrano ham, camembert cheese, figs, american pancakes and high quality maple syrup, mini-muffin, baked egg, greek yogurt with homemade muesli, Icelandic vegetables and fruit.
Fresh orange juice comes with every brunch dish.

w/ mimosa instead of orange juice 3.950 kr.

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