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Bacon wrapped dates

with goat cheese cream

1.490 kr.

Beef fillet (Carpaccio), seasoned with wild mushrooms

truffle mayonaise, rucola, parmesan cheese and hazelnut dressing

3.050 kr.

Deep fried camembert

serrano ham, melon, bread and cranberry-vinaigrette

2.990 kr.

Grilled garlic bread

parmesan cheese and black pepper

1.290 kr.

Tomato Bruschetta

tomatoes, mozzarella, serrano ham and rucola

1.950 kr.

Mushroom Bruschetta

shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onions and gratinated goat cheese

1.950 kr.


bacon wrapped dates, serrano ham, goat cheese, olives and artichokes

2.290 kr.

Fresh springroll with sesame-soya sauce

avocado, coriander, carrots, mango, spring onion, white cabbage and chili-mayo

2.750 kr.

Taste plate

slow-cooked bacon slider, garlic bread with serrano ham, deep-fried camembert and crispy chicken

2.550 kr.

Nauthˇll′s fish soup

mixed fish and shellfish, vegetables and dill

2.650 kr.


in tempura and crispy noodels , saffron-garlic dressing, garlic bread and tomato salsa

3.2790 kr.

Crispy chicken in herb crust

with our homemade BBQ sauce

1.950 kr.

Nauthˇll′s wild game soup

smoke infused with apples and goose

2.790 kr.


Chicken salad

grilled chicken breast, mango, bell pepper, carrots in ginger and garlic, spicy nuts, brick dough and soya-lime dressing  

3.190 kr.

Asian vegetale salad

red cabbage, kale, carrots, cucumbers, mango, cashew nuts, bean sprouts and crispy noodles, spicy sesame and soy dressing

with chicken +550 kr.

2.640 kr.

Burgers and sandwiches

Nauthˇll′s Deluxe

homemade deluxe 150gr burger with brioche bread, slow roasted beef ribs, Icelandic cheese, truffle mayonnaise, caramelized onions and mushrooms, served with french fries and estragon dressing

3.990 kr.

Chicken sandwich

grilled chicken breast, brown burger bread, parmaham, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, smoke-infused tomato dressing and sweet potato fries.

3.290 kr.

Nauthˇll′s Hamburger

homemade 150 g. deluxe burger, brown burger bread, icelandic cheese, bbq bacon, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, french fries and estragon sauce

2.990 kr.

Pork sandwich

sesame bread, kimchi and slow cooked pork belly, chili-mayonnaise, cucumbers and fried onions, served with french fries

2.890 kr.

Main Courses

Fish and chips

deep fried fish, coleslaw, chips and tartar sauce

3.800 kr.

Pan fried Cod

kimchi, baby potatoes, spring onions and fermented chili hollandaise

4.390 kr.

Vegan nut steak

grilled sweet potatoes and smoked bell pepper sauce

4.550 kr.

Nauthˇll′s Fish soup

mixed fish and shellfish, vegetables and dill

3.190 kr.

Lamb fillet and shredded lamb shank

with mashed potatoes, carrots, kohlrabi, rutabaga and demi glaze

5.600 kr.

Grilled beef ribeye 350 gr.

mushrooms, carrots, bacon and pickled pearl onions, served with french fries and bearnaise sauce

6.200 kr.

Nauthˇll′s Delight

Three course menu, ask the waiter

7.900 kr.

Children's menu

Ham and cheese sandwich with french fries

890 kr.

Chicken with salad and french fries

1.390 kr.

Pasta with tomato sauce and chicken

890 kr.

Cheeseburger with french fries

990 kr.

French fries

790 kr.

Ice cream

650 kr.

Cakes and sweets

Sundae ice cream

1.250 kr.

Chocolate cake with whipped cream

1.250 kr.

Apple and lemon cake with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

1.250 kr.

Icelandic roasted bread with smoked lamb

890 kr.

Sarah - icelandic traditional cookie

790 kr.

Cranberry cookie with pistachios and white chocolate

890 kr.

Desserts Evening

after 5 pm

Vanilla CrÚme brulÚe

strawberry sorbet and sable bisquit

1.950 kr.

French chocolate cake with pistachios

vanilla ice cream and fruits

1.950 kr.

Omnom chocolate orgasm

Omnom chocolate and salt liquorice cream, praline base with dried and fresh raspberries

1.950 kr.

Sundae ice cream

1.950 kr.
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